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Letter from our Recruitment Team

Dear Potential New Members,

     Alpha Gamma Delta is more than just a sisterhood, it is a group of women 

coming together to inspire women and therefore, impact the world! By joining 

this organization, you will gain an unconditional bond of love and support that 

constantly encourages you to be the very best version of yourself. Here, in Alpha 

Gamma Delta we strive to live out our values every single day by incorporating 

our purpose into our everyday life. This includes the motivation to accomplish 

goals of scholarship, campus involvement, contributing to the community, 

bettering our sisterhood, and supporting not only our philanthropy, but others as 

well. We don’t want to merely exist, we strive to live with purpose!

     This sisterhood is for life. We hold our sisters accountable and prepare each 

sister for their professional life. The combination of academic excellence, 

community service involvement, and self-development allow the women of Alpha 

Gamma Delta to excel in college and afterwards. 

     By joining this chapter, everyone is accepted for their strengths and 

weaknesses. We strive to be different and utilize our diversity to better our 

sisterhood. One of our sayings is, “a rose is only as perfect as its least perfect 

petal.” This statement represents the idea that no one is better than anyone else, 

or treated as such; it embodies the vision that if we all come together as one 

united chapter, we can accomplish anything.

     Alpha Gamma Delta will bring you happiness, support, and above all, the 

spirit of sisterhood. We, as a whole, cherish academic excellence, philanthropic 

giving, and leadership to attain a higher standard for ourselves to improve our 

community and those that live in it. It is my greatest hope that you will find your 

home away from home during formal recruitment this year and get the 

opportunity to share the wonderful experiences sorority life has to offer. 


Kelly Regan

Alpha Gamma Delta- Theta Lambda

Vice President of Recruitment