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Chapter Officers

officer Mandy Kervin

Mandy Kervin


officer Lindsay McMillian

Lindsay McMillian

Vice President of Finance

officer Ashley Sepessy

Ashley Sepessy

Vice President of Chapter Wellness

officer Sarah Brooks

Sarah Brooks

Vice President of Recruitment

officer Amma Baadu

Amma Baadu

Vice President of Administration

officer Grace Doyle

Grace Doyle

Vice President of New Member Development

officer Meaghan Boggs

Meaghan Boggs

Vice President of Member Experience

officer Kara Heigart

Kara Heigart

Vice President of Academic Affairs

officer Amber Marthis

Amber Marthis

Vice President of Event Planning

officer Emily Payne

Emily Payne

Vice President of Marketing

officer Emi Newman

Emi Newman

Vice President of Campus Affairs

officer Mariah Bush

Mariah Bush

Vice President of Philanthropy

officer Samantha Lubowecki

Samantha Lubowecki

Director of Ritual

officer Lexie Grammer

Lexie Grammer

Director of Membership

officer Carly Duncan

Carly Duncan

Director of Communication

officer Rachel Houston

Rachel Houston

Director of Property

officer Alexis Sireci

Alexis Sireci

Director of Special Events

officer Hannah Chase

Hannah Chase

Director of Leadership and Activities